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Yesterday, I taped an terview for The Animal House radio show on WAMU radio in Washington D.C. The topic was about Defending the Defenseless: A Guide to Protecting and Advocating for Pets and how we can make a resolution this year that involves helping animals.

Now that we are 4 weeks in to the new year, how are your resolutions coming for you? For most people, resolutions fade away after 2 weeks. I’m a big believer that we should set intentions, not resolutions, because the word “resolution” is associated with a failed intention for so many people. And while an intention and a resolution may be similar, setting an intention puts positive energy behind what you want to accomplish. So if you have already fallen short on your standard New Year’s resolutions, why not set an intention to do more for animals this year?

So where do you start? Well …. if you don’t mind the shameless plug, why not pick up a copy of Defending the Defenseless? It is packed full of practical tips on how to help companion animals.

Are you worried about the stray and feral cat population? There is a chapter with tips on how to help, such as making sure that the feral cats are spayed and neutered to prevent overpopulation, or supporting barn cat programs so that ferals in high traffic areas can be moved to a safer location.

Do you fret about the number of pets entering animal shelters annually, knowing that approximately 4 million are euthanized every year? So many people cringe in knowing this, yet are too nervous or timid to enter a shelter (either to adopt or volunteer). There is no better feeling than to volunteer in a shelter and know that you are comforting pets and putting them more at ease so that can be adopted. The first time you help a pet find a new home, you will be hooked! But if you don’t think you can volunteer in a shelter, why not help from the outside? Open your home to foster a shelter pet! Do you love to write? Offer to write a newsletter or donation letter for your local shelter? Are you an attorney? Offer to give pro bono legal advice when needed? Do you have kids? Ask their school if you can have a towel/blanket drive, pet food drive, or toy drive and have the school sponsor the shelter?

If time or money is limited for you, there are still other ways that you can protect animals. When you purchase cosmestics, bath and body products or household products, always check the label to make sure they are cruelty free. Leaping Bunny has a great website that lists companies that produce cruelty free products. Supporting cruelty free products will reduce the number of animals used in animal testing. Or when you go to renew a credit card or order more checks, support animal protection organizations by getting animal-friendly versions. Many of the national organizations have credit cards that support their efforts, as well as checks.

There are countless ways everyday that we can do more to help animals. Just imagine if everyone who loved animals (that is at least 73 million homes in America that have a pet) did one simple thing each day to help animals? We would undoubtedly see a massive shift in how we relate to animals and would provide a better world for them to thrive. We can get to a day where we lovingly co-exist with all animals, rather than use them for our own selfish benefit or decide whether they live or die. So pick up your copy of Defending the Defenseless today on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or through my website (where I will autograph the book for you). Doing so will end up being one resolution that you will actually accomplish and feel good about!

If you have an intention to help animals in 2012, please share!



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