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Tammy Silvey from Mid-Michigan Cocker Rescue sent in this inspiring story that I just had to share!

“I adopted “Joey” a black and tan Cocker from a local shelter 8 yrs ago. I have since become a fan of the breed. I started working with a Cocker Spaniel rescue group in April. One of the fosters in the rescue took in “Pirate” (see adorable photo of Pirate) a 10 year old male that had been dumped in a rural area. He ended up at a shelter and his time was up. He came to our rescue with heartworm, skin problems and worst of all he is missing his front right leg and has severe arthritis in his rear right leg. We didn’t know if this boy was going to make it. A memo came out that funds were very low and only minimal expenses could be approved at that time – the standard: up to date shots, spay/neuter. Pirate already had everything going against him – he couldn’t afford not to be helped. I fell for him as soon as I knew his case. I care most for the dogs that no one else wants; the older or special needs dogs. I had to do something. I came up with an idea – how about a fundraiser that I called – “A Dollar For A Dog”! How easy it would be to ask someone if they would donate a dollar for a dog. In 23 days, I met 125 people, 43 of those people had rescue pets, and 4 dogs were heartworm survivors! I went door to door, many miles on my bicycle – to family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and strangers – all willing to help me help Pirate. I not only met my goal, I exceeded it. I, along with the help of 124 other people, raised $820! Pirate has survived his heart worm treatment and may have surgery on his back leg soon. He is feeling so much better. He deserves to have a healthy, happy life. I am hoping this “A Dollar For A Dog” fundraiser will be something that I and others can do again to raise money for pets in need. Obviously some people gave more than a dollar. I had a lot of “thank you’s” for what I was doing from people I didn’t even know. It was an overwhelming experience.”

This is a wonderful example of how a creative idea can change the life of an animal. Great work Tammy! If you’re interested in Pirate, check out his adoption webpage!

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