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Book signing events are such a wonderful treat for me. Interacting with people interested in protecting animals is always reaffirming to the work that I am doing. Today, I had a great book signing event at Pet Sage pet store in Alexandria. VA. As I travel around training on animal protection issues, I am working to schedule more book signing events. So be sure to check my Events & Appearances page frequently to see if I’m coming to an area near you.

One comment I hear at these events is “this looks like a sad book, I don’t think I can read it.” I, too, do not like to read sad books about animals. But I think we owe it to the animals to become educated on topics such as pound seizure because of the secretive nature of the practice. If those that love animals do not know about pound seizure, how will we ever protect them from this outdated and barbaric practice? This is like all other social movement issues …. the more people that are educated, the better chance at eliminating the practice we have. I was determined to write the book in a factual format. And although there are some sad stories, there are also joyful stories of animals that were saved and advocates who were successful in banning pound seizure in their community. So if you have hesitated in reading the book, please reconsider. I think you will be surprised at how empowered you will feel after reading it. If you have read the book, please drop me a line with your comments and please post a review on Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites.

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