I Pity the Fool Who Harms a Feral Cat

Last night, I received a frantic call from a friend who has been an amazing caretaker to feral cats in her neighborhood. She has single-handedly befriended and spayed/neutered these toss-away cats. And while she has socialized and re-homed a handful over the years, seven have remained close to her home and heart …. At least […]

Hierarchy of Protection

Most days, I am torn over how some animals are protected by laws and others are deemed disposable and unworthy of protection. Farm animals, research animals, wildlife, and stray animals seem to be the exception to animal protection laws. As an attorney and human being, I find that unacceptable. And what baffles me is how we, […]

Greater protection

This morning I was reading with excitement that Idaho has a felony animal cruelty bill that passed the Senate Agriculture committee and is headed to the full Senate for a vote. But then my excitement quickly waned as I read what this legislative bill actually covers. Idaho is one of three states that does not […]

Legacies for change

We continue to see the passage of laws to protect animals from humans harming them, and many of those legislative bills are named after an animal who has been victimized. There is Daniel’s Bill in Pennsylvania to end gas chamber killings and named after a dog who survived an attempt to end his life in a […]

Can we forgive?

I’ve been watching the unfolding drama of Michael Vick’s scheduled appearance on the Oprah Show. Media and bloggers have gone back and forth on whether this is a good thing or another opportunity for Vick to be in the spot light. As an animal advocate and former prosecutor, I have been conflicted between the continuous […]