National PAWS Day

As Founder of the Pets and Women’s Shelters Program, I wanted to create an annual event to help the PAWS shelters raise money to sustain their program, while raising awareness regarding pets caught in the cross-fire of domestic violence. So I created National PAWS Day and the first annual event was held yesterday. Seventeen PAWS […]

Domestic Violence impacts all in the Family

Dr. Frank Ascione, a friend and a brilliant colleague, has done so much through his research to explore  The Link between violence to people and animals. This article summarizes the work of how important it is to recognize that animal abuse could be a precursor to human violence, and how we can start to make […]

Pets of domestic violence

Check out this article for Bella Online about the American Humane Pets and Women’s Shelters (PAWS) Program that I created in 2008. Sadly, we have a growing need to not only help families suffering from domestic violence, but also their pets who can also become targets of the violence. If you’re interested in helping out, […]