Why should you donate to the SAF-T Program?

There are many reasons why a donation to the SAF-T Program will be a life-saving donation.

(1) Most domestic violence shelters are unsure of housing pets on-site with their families. This is where the SAF-T Program comes in with in-person and online training to help shelters understand the research supporting the SAF-T Program, debunking myths of co-housing, the different housing options.

(2) SAF-T Founder and Board Members provide FREE assistance to shelters that are looking to co-house pets and helps the shelters every step of the way, including after implementation.

(3) The SAF-T Start-Up Manual is the only one of its kind and is THE guidebook for domestic violence shelters to implement pet-friendly co-housing. SAF-T is continuously in-touch with SAF-T Shelters to receive feedback and testimonials for future editions of the Start-Up Manual.

(4) SAF-T Founder Allie Phillips collaborates with national organizations, potential national funders to help the individual shelters, and travels to conferences and events to raise awareness about the need for community SAF-T Programs.

All of this important work takes time and donations help with dedicated time to support existing and future SAF-T Shelters.

All donations are tax-deductible and you will be helping 300+ and growing SAF-T Shelters receive the support of the SAF-T Program, thus saving thousands of people & pets annually.

Mailing address: P.O. Box 14271, Lansing MI 48901