With the opening of the 112th Congress this week (which will continue until December 2012), and state legislatures across the country, do you know what animal protection legislation will be coming before your legislators? The best way to know what animal protection legislation is being introduced is to sign up for free action alerts with animal protection organizations. These organizations have specialists on staff who review each legislative bill and prepare information for people, like you, to know what is happening legislatively for animals.

Here are just some (not all) of the national groups who work on legislation to protect companion, exotic, farm and wildlife animals:

It is a good practice to sign up for alerts from several groups that focus on issues that are concerning to you because not all organizations track all animal legislative efforts. Taking action on alerts not only helps you to lend your voice to your legislator, but it also joins together with other like-minded advocates. Only together can we move animal protection legislation to its rightful place in a humane and caring society.

Click here to see when your state legislative sessions opens and closes.

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