I would like to wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day, and especially to those who are mothers to our furry or feathered family members. Thank you for providing a loving home to our animal companions, especially if you adopted from a shelter or rescued your companion animal.

We are at the beginning of the busy season for animal shelters and animal rescue organizations across the United States. Kitten season is in full bloom and our shelters are already becoming overcrowded. If you have already opened your motherly heart to a companion animal or two and are not in a position to take in another, considering spending today to spread the word to others about adopting. Social media, like this blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc., are wonderful methods to share information about companion animals who need a loving home. Can you spend even just 30 minutes today to peruse online sites to find postings for companion animals and share those with others? Maybe today, a small effort on your part will match someone with a pet that needs a home. And there is no better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than to help someone else become a mom to a homeless pet.

Another option is to open your home to foster a pet in need. Shelters always receive pets who need a home environment to thrive. So if you have the space and little more room in your heart, you can save lives by becoming a foster parent. It really is a wonderful joy to help a homeless pet for a few days, weeks or months until they find their permanent home.

If you volunteer for a shelter or rescue organization, consider a Mother’s Day adoption event to feature some of your mom pets who are ready for adoption. Check out the promotion that King Street Cats (where I volunteer) has been running all month.

So today, let’s celebrate all of the mothers who not only have human children, but those who have animal children that bless their homes. And in the process let’s help some of these adorable companion animals find loving homes today.

Thank you for all that you do  to help our animal friends and I know that they send their love back to you.

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