So many caring people have been asking what they can do to help the misplaced and injured animals after Japan’s record-breaking earthquake and tsunami. This week, I have been watching the work of Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support. This is group of animal protection organizations in Japan that have joined together to help search, rescue and care for misplaced animals.

The group has a website and a Facebook page. The videos they have posted of animals in dire need have been heartbreaking and heart warming when the animals are brought to safety. As of this morning, they have raised almost $280,000, but in a disaster of this magnitude it will only help for a short time period. This organization will be helping animals for months to come with search and rescue efforts, veterinary care, spay/neuter and vaccination services, and re-connecting people to their pets or re-homing them. So if you are looking to make a direct impact with your dollars, check out this coalition.

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