Thoughts become things
© 2011 Allie Phillips

For several years, I have studied the Universal Laws and consciously worked with these Laws to benefit my life in many ways; laws such as the Law of Attraction, Law of Cause and Effect, Law of Resistance, and so on. The Universal Laws are operating in all of our lives every second of every day, whether we believe in them or not. In essence, these Laws tell us that what we put out, we get back; what we focus on is what we materialize; that like attracts like; and that our thoughts, feelings and beliefs produce the world that we live in. The best example to demonstrate these laws and how they work together is to think of someone who you know that goes through life with a negative perception and toxic attitude; they worry and fret about everything, they always have something or someone to complain about, and they have situations or people in their life that actually give them a reason to complain. They are like Pig Pen from the Charlie Brown series who walks through life with a cloud of dirt and debris following. And you know it when you meet a toxic person because you are instantly turned off, may physically feel uncomfortable, and may even say “we didn’t click.” For this person, because s/he is focused on the negative, s/he is drawing negative situations and people in to their life, thus creating a self fulling prophecy that there are things to complain about.

The bitter pill to swallow regarding the Universal Laws is that you have created your life … the good, bad and the ugly. While most people will say “I did not want this disease,” or “I did not ask to lose my home and money,” the Universal Laws say otherwise and ask that you delve in to your inner-most thoughts and beliefs to see why these situations manifested. In a world where the media focuses on stories of death, disease, destruction and the depression, and we receive news on on our TV, computer, smart phones, IPads, and other devices, it is no wonder that everything is collapsing because we are bombarded with negativity.

So why am I writing about the Universal Laws today and what does this have to do with protecting animals? As a certified Law of Attraction counselor and avid student of the Universal Laws, I recently had an epiphany. When it comes to protecting animals, we need to collectively understand and work the Universal Laws in how we think about and relate to animals. For those of us working and advocating to protect animals everyday, if we go through our days thinking and believing that humans are cruel and/or insensitive to animals, then the Universe will provide us with situations where people are cruel and/or insensitive to animals. This is not a pitch to switch the world to vegetarianism or veganism; instead, it is a call to humanity to stop unexplainable and senseless cruelty.

Question: How do we do this? Answer: We need new thoughts and ideas. According to the Universal Law of Supply, if we have an idea, we create a demand and the Universe always, without fail, will supply. So over the next several weeks, months, or possibly years, I will delve into the Universal Laws to find ideas and answers on how to better protection animals because, frankly, what we have done in the past has helped, but it isn’t enough anymore. The world is evolving and society is evolving, so we need to evolve in our relation to animals. Pressuring and pushing beliefs on others who are not believers is not working. So we need to find other pathways to shift the masses on how they think about animals.

I am not alone in this quest. Through my mindful participation with the Universal Laws (and some eye-opening meditation sessions), I have recently attracted into my life several spiritually-minded animal advocates, such as the Shelter Animal Reiki Association and S.O.U.L. Academy. I also have two wonderful friends who are gifted in communicating with animals: Diane Roadcap and Christina Montana. Together through our dialogue I believe we will stretch our imaginations and create new mindsets to stop the harm to animals and create more peace between animals and humans.

Please share your ideas on how we can change the conversation and our beliefs to do better by animals that grace our lives.

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