SAF-T Program® Funding Opportunities


AKC Humane Fund has grant opportunities for domestic violence shelters to obtain funding for on-site and off-site housing of pets.

American Veterinary Medical Foundation has veterinary cost reimbursement for pets of domestic violence

Federal Pet Shelter and Housing Assistance Grant (PAWS Act Funding) – stay tuned for 2024 opportunities

Greater Good Foundation – Rescue Rebuild  can help a domestic violence build a SAF-T shelter.

Purina Purple Leash Project 

Red Rover Safe Escape grants may be provided for veterinary care and temporary boarding of pets.

RedRover Safe Housing grants are available to  help shelter’s fund start-up costs for on-site pet housing projects.

US Department of Agriculture Community Facilities Direct Loan & Grant Program provides funds  to facilities providing essential services (such as DV housing) to local communities serving populations under 5,500 and low-income communities.

The Waggle Foundation – if your shelter needs to do crowd funding to help with a veterinary medical bill, you can create your own account with Waggle to get started.

Other Successful Fundraising Ideas:

Shelters that collaborate with their local community have better results in sustaining their SAF-T Program. Consider these fundraising ideas to help you implement and sustain your SAF-T program:

And many more ideas SAF-T Funding Opportunities are listed in the SAF-T Start-Up Manual.