SAF-T Program® Testimonials

SAF-T Testimonials From Shelters:

“The shelter has made a world of difference for our participants. I have heard from so many women that they were finally able to leave because they didn’t have to leave their “baby” behind. The interaction we see with our participants and their pets is amazing and it seems to be so healing for them to have their furry family members with them. I have heard from them also that they see a difference in their pet being here in comparison to the way they were at home with the abuser. Many have attributed it to the pet being under stress. I can’t possibly express how thankful Mt. Graham Safe House is to this program and what having this shelter has meant to us and our participants.” — Jeannette Aston (Mt. Graham Safe House, Safford, AZ)


SAF-T Testimonials From Survivors:

“I will be moving to my new apartment Friday. There are no words to explain the freedom I am feeling. Before I came here the only joy I had in life was my previous little dog. She just turned ten a few months ago. If [the shelter] wouldn’t have let me keep her inside the shelter, I would either be on the streets or worse, I might have gone back to my abuser. [T]he last thing he did to me as I was sitting on the curb waiting for the cab, was spit on me, repeatedly, like I was a piece of garbage. Well I’m not! I haven’t felt this wonderful in fifteen years. — SAF-T Resident at an Arizona shelter


From SAF-T trainings:

“We heard you in Culpeper, VA and want you to know that you encouraged us to do what we always wanted to do. We wanted to provide a home, not an institution, but were advised that including pets was untenable. When we open, we will be pet-friendly thanks to you.God has blessed you with vision and leadership.  Thanks for changing the face of DV shelters.” — Moses and Angela Brown (Yeshua’s House of Refuge, Petersburg, VA)

“This [webinar] was very informative and inspiring! Thanks for your hard work.” — Debbie S. 

“One of the best webinars I’ve participated in. Thanks much!”  — Leslie M.

“Allie is NOT exaggerating when she offers her direct assistance … she ROCKS!” — Susanna Naisbett (Executive Director, Harriett’s House, Demopolis, AL)

“Great info … real answers and inspiring!” — Renee E. (Indiana)


National SAF-T Day Events:

From Little Grass Ranch Shelter (Comfort, Texas): (October 2012) “This was the second year we did this. Last year was just pony rides at a Tractor Supply Store since we are horse oriented. This year we rented a beautiful park and didn’t charge for the dog walk, although we did for the fashion show entries. We had a fabulous emcee do the show, and though would liked to have had more people, everybody there had a great time, including us. A newspaper reporter came to take a few shots and ended up staying the whole time.”

From Families First (Whiteville, North Carolina): (October 2012) This shelter has participated every year! They raised $1,300 which will sustain their program for one year. They also hosted a Blessing of the Animals Event!

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