The Rock and the Hard Place: When those who love animals harm them

For those of us who work in animal protection, every day is filled with news stories, social media posts and pleas to help homeless, soon-to-be-homeless and shelter animals find a place where they can be safe and have a home. Knowing that over 4 million shelter pets and countless abandoned pets lose their lives each year in the […]

Guest Blog: A subtle form of cruelty and the need to be a patient advocate

From Allie: Stemming from my blog on July 12th called We Can No Longer Remain Silent, this is the second guest blog in a series that will let you hear directly from experts in the field about animal abuse and ways that we all can get involved to prevent it and protect animals. Please share your […]

The aftermath

Most people wish for animals to be in safe environments and to be removed from places that cause them harm, right?. But when those animals arrive at the local animal shelter, then what? In too many cases, those same animals who were brought to safety have their lives ended because the shelter is overcrowded, does […]

One Lucky dog

This is a bittersweet story of a dog, now named Lucky, who was chained to a car and dragged for over a mile by her previous owner in Eaton Rapids, MI. Although he says “it was an accident” and he didn’t realize she was chained to the car, what is wonderful is that Lucky is […]