Legacies for change

We continue to see the passage of laws to protect animals from humans harming them, and many of those legislative bills are named after an animal who has been victimized. There is Daniel’s Bill in Pennsylvania to end gas chamber killings and named after a dog who survived an attempt to end his life in a […]

Joining together to help animals

This week, three colleagues and I announced the formation of Michiganders for Shelter Pets. This is a coalition to bring together Michigan citizens, animal shelters, animal organizations, businesses, veterinarians and professionals to work toward the goal of ending pound seizure and gas chamber euthanasia in Michigan. I have been an advocate to end pound seizure […]

Get involved!

With the opening of the 112th Congress this week (which will continue until December 2012), and state legislatures across the country, do you know what animal protection legislation will be coming before your legislators? The best way to know what animal protection legislation is being introduced is to sign up for free action alerts with […]

We will persevere!

For the past two years, I have been advocating for the passage of two bills to protect Michigan’s shelter pets: a bill to end pound seizure (giving shelter cats and dogs for experimentation) and to end gas chamber euthanasia. As the drafter of the pound seizure bill, I spent months before it was filed working […]

It’s time to vote!

Although mid-term elections may not have the attention as elections during a presidential year, they are still important to help our country move forward. For those of you who love animals, there is a way to find out which legislators have supported animal-friendly legislation. Check out Humane Scorecard to find out where your legislator stands! […]