Animal abuse is a public safety issue

Whenever I hear that someone has brutalized an animal (not neglect, but actual harm and torture), I know that there is something in their past where either they were harmed or they grew up where violence was normalized. We are not born abusers, we are made abusers. It’s called the cycle of violence. Children who […]

The Rock and the Hard Place: When those who love animals harm them

For those of us who work in animal protection, every day is filled with news stories, social media posts and pleas to help homeless, soon-to-be-homeless and shelter animals find a place where they can be safe and have a home. Knowing that over 4 million shelter pets and countless abandoned pets lose their lives each year in the […]

When helping animals becomes overwhelming

This morning I read an article about 157 starved and neglected dogs that were seized in Alaska. Our initial reaction, as those that love and protect animals, is to get the dogs to safety, give them food, water, and shelter. For an animal shelter, especially small rural shelters, in-taking 157 dogs at one time can […]

Hoardings hidden costs

Most people agree that animal hoarding is a serious issue, not only for the health and well-being of the animals, but also from a public health perspective for the community. The multi-faceted issues in a hoarding case, such as the mental health ramifications and the recidivism rate, make these situations difficult to handle and resolve. […]

Going the extra mile … one pet at a time

Luke & Leia were victims of terrible neglect until they were removed from their home in DC. They were nothing more than fur and bones when they arrived at King Street Cats in Alexandria a few weeks ago. And now they are in foster care at my home. It has been a struggle to get […]