Doing the right thing for animals

Yesterday marked a mile stone for me. It was ten years ago (February 5, 2003) that a traumatic and unexpected turn of events thrust me into the animal advocacy world and changed my career and focus on shelter animals forever. Thirteen years ago, I learned about pound seizure (where shelters sell or give animals to […]

What is your legacy?

This past week while I was exhibiting at the Animal Care Expo in Las Vegas, I received startling news that Judy, a dear friend and amazing animal advocate from my home state of Michigan, had passed away. I am saddened that her bright light is no longer on this earth, but she left behind an […]

We will persevere!

For the past two years, I have been advocating for the passage of two bills to protect Michigan’s shelter pets: a bill to end pound seizure (giving shelter cats and dogs for experimentation) and to end gas chamber euthanasia. As the drafter of the pound seizure bill, I spent months before it was filed working […]

Giving Thanks and other Fun Stuff!

First of all, I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. If you are blessed to have a furry or feathered companion in your home, I hope you will take a moment to show them your gratitude for having their companionship. For me, I will be spending Thanksgiving with my family in Michigan. While there, […]

Book signing events!

Book signing events are such a wonderful treat for me. Interacting with people interested in protecting animals is always reaffirming to the work that I am doing. Today, I had a great book signing event at Pet Sage pet store in Alexandria. VA. As I travel around training on animal protection issues, I am working […]