Success for Robert!

This is a wonderful story of successful advocacy. If you have read my book on “How Shelter Pets are Brokered for Experimentation”, on pages 86-87 I talk about an orange tabby cat named Robert who was living in a cage as an experiment at the University of Utah. PETA conducted an undercover investigation of what […]

Federal report exposes weaknesses in B dealer oversight by USDA

In a report just issued by the Government Accountability Office, GAO analyzed U.S. Department of Agriculture’s oversight on dealers and the costs of the oversight. GAO reviewed inspection reports for fiscal years 2007 through 2009 which contained 54 violations out of 156 inspection reports, with 7 of the 9 dealers having at least one violation. […]

Michigan Pound Seizure

Last Wednesday, I testified before the Michigan Senate Committee on Economic Development and Regulatory Reform in support of HB 4663 (Koda’s Bill) which I authored. Although the bill was amended in the House to ensure passage and does not provide a full pound seizure ban, it does ban pound seizure by USDA Class B dealers […]