Every day, I am surrounded by dire situations of animals that need help. From pets locked in foreclosed homes that are victims of the financial downturn, to animals that need immediate rescue from shelters that still engage in inhumane gas chamber killings and pound seizure, and not to mention those pets that cross the path of people who harm them. It can be overwhelming some days. So where do we start when there is so much to do? For me, it’s about helping one pet at a time, and educating one person at a time … and doing this everyday. And if you can help just one pet or educate one person about proper pet care, the movement will begin. We’re at a tipping point where animals are now being seen for the wonderful sentient beings that they are, capable of feelings and having desires to live. So just for today, help one animal that comes to your attention or help one person understand that pets deserve to be treated how the person wants to be treated …. with kindness and compassion.

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